The Realizations of Progress and Positivity

Happy Tuesday Loves!

I’ve been wanting to blog all week but haven’t figured out what I wanted to say. Still don’t but that’s okay. I can look at this in 2 ways. 1- YAY Heather you want to blog! OR 2- Heather you have to have something to say, you need a plan. I’m just gonna focus on #1.  I want to blog. Progress. This blog may not have a flow or a theme but whatever.

Ever since last Thursday, I’ve been debating what progress means. I had a conversation with the high schooler I mentor at work about the challenges of growing up. It eventually lead to progress and how you can tell you’ve made progress and not settling at the same time. The question that started it all was: “How do you know when you’ve made progress with your life if you feel like you are constantly lost?” It took me a minute to respond. I put on my **Hmmm…I’m choosing my words carefully** face but I really was thinking “SAY WHAAAT? I don’t know.

This lead me to realize that progress is relative and can be measured in countless of ways. But how do you determine they way you want to measure progress? How do you know when to acknowledge you’ve made progress? And really, at what point, can you say “my progression is complete”? After many internal discussions with myself in the car, on the couch, on the phone, walking to the car, laying in bed, etc., I’m still trying to figure it out. And it took me a while to realize that

I don’t have to have all the answers now – even though I want them (it’d probably make me sleep better). Since I’ve semi-accepted that I don’t need the answers, I’ve made my own progression scale for a couple things. 1- Blogging: Do it even if it is random. 2- Eating better: cook healthier foods at home. 3- Be active: walk around more/work out in general.  4- Complete to-do list: Self explanatory yet annoyingly difficult for me.

However, I am happy to say that this week I have made small goals/to-do lists each day. I’ve even written them down and timeframe’s of when I want complete them. Progress. I’m using an App called and the alerts aren’t annoying so that’s a positive plus. I’m also kickin’ it old school by physically writing down my goals. Writing them down makes it double real for me. It will be there staring at me even after I turn the page. All of this is progress and I’m okay with it right now.

This whole progression realization has only confirmed that I need a positive outlook on my daily life. Being positive is a mindset. And at times, it’s really easy to get caught up in the negative of it all. What isn’t working in my favor. What I did wrong. Why do I feel like everyone hates me. And that energy translate to other areas of my life. Eating bad. Not working out. Terrible sleeping patterns. Being uber messy. You get the picture. However, ever since I started my to-do list last week and doing yoga weekly (aka I’ve been only twice and like it), I’ve been making it a priority to focus my energy on positive things. News flash: it was harder than I thought. Maybe it’s just me but forcing myself to believe positive things and changing my normal mindset has been tough. I had to remember I am one person. I can do what I want but one step at a time. Progress.

Take this week to realize the progress you’ve made on whatever it is that’s important to you and actually acknowledge it. It might make you feel calm, it might make you feel weird, it might make you feel like you have a long way to go. Either way, you checked in to see where you are with what you want. I’ll let you know how my week of progress goes. I’m two days in – 5 more to go.

When things get rough, remember that life is Mostly Wonderful.

Bye loves.


2 responses to The Realizations of Progress and Positivity

  1. Thalia Rose says:

    I feel like you wrote this post for me!! I have been feeling down about my progress but you have definitely made me feel a million times better. I hope you kill your week of progress. I know you got it in you 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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