Hello…it’s me.

I finally made the decision to start my blog. It only took years…and constant reminders from my best friend of how this could provide me the opportunity to speak my voice or to find myself. The self that is unknown but I so want to meet and become. I have thought of the many things I’d want my blog to be about…if I started one. Would it be pop culture related? Would it be about make-up and fashion? Would it be centered around politics or social awareness? All things that interest me…yet all things I feel I don’t know enough about in order to write a blog. I took this as the universe’s way of saying “Nope. You can’t write. Find something else.” It was that easy and simple.

Here’s the thing though…I like tend to gravitate to easy and simple when it comes to life. If it’s hard or pushes me out of my comfort zone – I probably won’t do it. Which – I’ve come to realize in my 26 (almost 27) years – is a problem. I suppose it has to do with the hidden problems I like to ignore or the fear of not being accepted or the idea that someone won’t like me. But, as my friend likes to remind me, there will be people who won’t like/accept me and there will be problems I cannot ignore – so it’s time to face life head on and actually live.

My hopes for this blog are simple – to be honest. To talk honest, to live honest, and to be honest when life isn’t the best. Everyone has different lives and experiences things differently…yet we all feel the same feelings and can share the same fears. Therefore, my other hope is to show someone that they aren’t alone in their fears. Or their happiness. Or their sadness. We all know life likes to test us and can show us the really sucky parts of people/situations. But, if we look away from the negative that surrounds us..we can find that life is mostly wonderful.

To many more posts – Heather


2 responses to Hello…it’s me.

  1. Ashley Sanchez says:

    Congratulations Heather! This first post was very much inspiring. Stepping out of your comfort zone is never easy. I look forward to reading many more posts 🙂 I do hope that they include all your interests listed above and more!

    An old familiar face – Ashley


    • Thanks Ashley!! So good to see an old familiar face 🙂 I do plan on bringing up my interests (both serious and random haha) so all the feedback is welcome! Hope you are doing well 🙂


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