Accepting me.

There are a lot of things that happen that semi-stress me out. People that do not wear socks with shoes that are meant to be worn with socks. Food being mixed together that shouldn’t be mixed together. When anyone chews ice around me (I will give you the death stare). But mostly, it’s knowing I need to step up and be an adult. 99.9% of the time I freeze. It’s an out of body experience where I can see allRead more

The Realizations of Progress and Positivity

Happy Tuesday Loves! I’ve been wanting to blog all week but haven’t figured out what I wanted to say. Still don’t but that’s okay. I can look at this in 2 ways. 1- YAY Heather you want to blog! OR 2- Heather you have to have something to say, you need a plan. I’m just gonna focus on #1.  I want to blog. Progress. This blog may not have a flow or a theme but whatever. Ever since last Thursday,Read more

Knowing when..

I’m back. And I’m about to openly honest which is terrifying but I feel like it’s time I be that. Open. Honest. This blog was supposed to be an outlet for me. It was supposed to help me find my voice and teach me how to make the changes I needed to make in my life. But I quit after 2 posts. 2. The sad thing is this is standard Heather. I usually stop myself from continuing what it isRead more

Your mountain is waiting..

This is the fourth time I’ve tried writing this blog post. Each time I’ve written it, I’ve realized that admitting that you are having a hard time being an adult is not easy. It’s not easy admitting you don’t have it together like your friends on Facebook or like the people you see on TV. It’s definitely not easy admitting it to yourself. I’m not sure if it’s the fear of failing or the unknown of the future but, it overwhelmsRead more

Hello…it’s me.

I finally made the decision to start my blog. It only took years…and constant reminders from my best friend of how this could provide me the opportunity to speak my voice or to find myself. The self that is unknown but I so want to meet and become. I have thought of the many things I’d want my blog to be about…if I started one. Would it be pop culture related? Would it be about make-up and fashion? Would itRead more